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It’s a friggin’ robot!

Tesla events tend to be some of the most exciting in not just the automotive world, but the worlds of business and technology. 

Sure, Apple gets a lot of attention for its events. But we’re talking about tiny glass-and-metal devices here. Tesla has giant robots that sling around the chassis of entire cars.

Over the years, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have evolved their events into spectacles. As the car maker prepares to reveal its Model 3 mass-market vehicle in Los Angeles on Thursday night, we’re taking a look back.

Back in 2007, Tesla sent its first car, the Roadster, on a road trip around the US, including a jaunt through New York’s Times Square.

Elon Musk was a bit less refined back then. He hadn’t yet become …

… the inspiration for the Tony Stark character in the “Iron Man” movies (that’s Musk on the far right).

Musk drove a Model S sedan onstage for the vehicle’s reveal in 2011.

The Model S would go on to form the core of Tesla’s lineup and …

… be named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 2013.

Tesla upped the party factor with the 2012 reveal of the Model X SUV.

The “falcon-wing” doors blew everybody’s minds.

The X would later head out on the auto-show circuit.

And be spotted testing on both the open road …

… in very out-of-the-way locations.

Meanwhile, there was something brewing in 2014 with the Model S. Something that involved the letter “D.”

It was the “dual-motor” all-wheel-drive version of the sedan — and it marked the point when Tesla and Musk started to bring some stunning showmanship to events. That’s a multimillion-dollar robot slinging the chassis around, at Musk’s command.

The new Model S P85D had “Insane” mode acceleration that gave it supercar performance.

While we were waiting on the Model X to officially launch in 2015, we got the rollout of an entirely new business: Tesla Energy.

Musk was there to tell us all about it.

You could now buy a Tesla battery and hang it from your wall.

Out in Nevada, Tesla also started building a massive Gigafactory to produce lithium-ion battery cells.

After much anticipation, the Model X launched in late 2015.

No robots, but the new car did come with “Bioweapon Defense Mode” air filtration, delivering hospital-grade breathing.

But we have to say, we had without a doubt the most fun with a Tesla when the car maker brought its “Autopilot” self-driving feature online in 2015. I could have been playing air guitar in there!

We can only guess what Tesla has in store for the Model 3 event. Stay tuned for the event happening Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. PDT!

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