The original Berkshire Hathaway building has been torn down. 

And replaced by a parking lot. (Yes, we know.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, the building that was the headquarters of Berkshire Hathaway’s textile mill in New Bedford, Massachusetts was torn down last year. 

In 2013, the Journal reported that New Bedford’s mayor had been seeking to save the building, though no buyer was eventually found and building later came down. 

The building’s owner, Roland Letendre, told the Journal that the building would’ve taken “a million bucks” to fix up, and that while it was a “cool building” with some history attached to it, it wasn’t worth the cost. 

In 1965, Buffett purchased Berkshire Hathaway, which was a struggling textile company at the time, and used the name for his conglomerate, which is now a publicly traded company with a market cap over $ 330 billion. 

Buffett is scheduled to release his 50th annual letter to Berkshire shareholders on Saturday. 

(via @TheStalwart)

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