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Former PM David Cameron with his new shed.

Britain’s former prime minister David Cameron just spent £25,000 on a garden shed with wheels.

In a blog written by the maker of the shed, Red Sky Shepherds Huts, Cameron chose the father and son team Paul and Adam Bennett to build a bespoke hut for the Cameron family. It now sits at the end of their garden on their Cotswold property.

When Cameron was asked by Red Sky Shepherds Huts why he wanted to buy the product, he said: “Well, there’s been a bit of a fight already – my children want to use it as a Wendy house. I want to use it as a book writing room and my son wants it as an alternative bedroom.  So, quite a lot of competition.”

The hut is estimated to be around £25,000 after you take into account the bespoke aspect of the shed and luxury fittings, which include Bakelite-style dimmer switches.

Take a look:

Cameron said he was inspired to buy a shepherd hut after seeing a similar one owned by his mother-in-law.

He said “I basically Googled shepherd huts, found Paul’s company and I liked the look of the website. They were also local, which was very good – and then Paul came along and told me how he set up the business.”

Paul Bennett (right) set up his company Red Sky Shepherds Huts after cashing in his pension in at the age 55. This was due to a rule change under Cameron’s government that allowed people to take out their pensions 10 years earlier than expected. “The new rules allowing people my age to release the money tied up in their pensions was like a gift from heaven for me,” said Bennett.

Red Sky said it “worked on some new features for the Cameron hut, including an internal wooden frame, giving the interior space more nooks and crannies.”

It also has luxury Kirkpatrick hinges on all the doors.

“Each wall and floor is five layers deep: an interior timber wall, a cavity filled with quality sheep’s wool insulation, an exterior ply layer for rigidity and strength, a breathable, high tech membrane,” said Red Sky but it also features a wood-burning stove by Salamander Stoves.

It also has a range of luxury fittings, such as Bakelite-style dimmer switches.

Cameron said that when it came to the interior design of the hut, his wife Samantha “makes all the design decisions in the family. As ever, she has made a very good choice.”

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