YouTube Chuck Todd, journalist and terrible goatee awareness spokesperson. Facial hair in all its forms — beards, mustaches etc. — have been coming back with a vengeance for years now, but it’s about time we address one form of this trend that is an absolute no-no. The goatee. If you have one, shave it off. […]

Dollar Shave Club Consumer products have long been shunned by the venture community due to high capital requirements, low multiples and margin pressure from online retailers. As such, Dollar Shave Club’s recent $ 1 billion acquisition by Unilever came as a surprise to many. In a sense, the acquisition not only disrupted the razor market, it arguably […]

Unilever is buying the on-demand razor delivery service Dollar Shave Club in a validation of the startup’s novel approach to selling men’s grooming products. The deal price — reportedly around $ 1 billion — would be about five times Dollar Shave Club’s expected sales in 2016. Dollar Shave Club isn’t profitable. That is a punchy premium.  Dollar Shave […]

Forget everything your father taught you about shaving. It’s probably wrong anyway. Many typical shaving routines that are passed down from fathers and grandfathers are riddled with incorrect techniques that can cause irritation and other skin problems. We asked dermatologist and Dove Men+ Care expert Dr. Terrence Keaney for the ideal shaving routine. He shared his 4 steps […]

Shutterstock Shaving isn’t something most men think about much. You’ve been doing it for years, just like your father probably taught you. But have you been doing it correctly? Probably not, according to an interview by Men’s Health with barber Diane Wood. Wood says there’s one thing men consistently get wrong: they shave against the grain of their beard. Men should really […]