President Trump has proposed a plan to privatize the US’s air-traffic-control system. Proponents of privatization tout costs savings. Opponents argue privatization would increase costs and jeopardize access to services for smaller communities. Experts say modernizing air-traffic control (ATC) won’t completely solve delays and congestion. On Monday, President Trump announced his plan to modernize America’s air-traffic-control […]

Screenshot/Tesla Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks at the company’s shareholder meeting on June 6, 2017. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Tesla owners on Tuesday to consider changing insurers if they belong to AAA. Earlier this week, it was revealed that US insurance provider AAA of Southern California plans to raise rates for Tesla owners, in […]

Artazum / When it comes time to sell your home, you might consider making some changes to make it more appealing to buyers.  According to a new analysis by Zillow, paint color should definitely be a change you consider.  After analyzing more than 32,000 listing photos of homes that have sold across the US, […]

Muhammad Hamed/Reuters It’s an interesting time to be a woman. For the first time, a woman secured the backing of a major political party as a presidential nominee in 2016. There are more women serving in the U.S. Senate than ever before. Young women have outpaced young men in postsecondary enrollment and educational attainment. And […]

Scott Eisen/AP Images for Gillette Gillette is facing stiff competition. Now, in an effort to win back customers, it’s taking a page straight out of its competitors’ playbooks. After slashing prices across the board and launching a marketing campaign called “Welcome Back,” Gillette has now introduced a new way to buy blades directly from the company. Called […]