Reuters/Nguyen Huy Kham LONDON – The global bond market has been on unstoppable run for almost four decades, earning a real return of 856% since 1982, according to a report by Credit Suisse. The Swiss investment bank, along with London Business School, analysed the real return of the world bond index since 1900. From 1982 until […]

Ruben Sprich/Reuters CEO Thiam of Swiss bank Credit Suisse speaks during a news conference in Zurich. There have been more departures from Credit Suisse in recent weeks.  Among the New York departures are: Gary Gunn, global program trading, head of US agency execution, has left, according to people familiar with the matter. He did not respond to […]

King Street Capital, a $ 19 billion hedge fund focused on the credit markets, is planning to launch its own collateralized loan obligation. A CLO bundles up bank loans of differing credit quality and then sells tranches to investors like insurance companies.  They’re closely related to collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, which had a big part to […]

Britain’s former top financial watchdog has distanced himself from his comments made earlier this year that “losses which will emerge from peer-to-peer lending over the next five to 10 years will make the bankers look like lending geniuses.” Peer-to-peer lenders, also known as marketplace lenders, are online platforms that let people invest in individuals or […]

The US is seeking a deal to fine Barclays, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank billions of dollars before the November election, according to a report in the Financial Times. The banks face fines from the US Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, for the illegal sale of mortgage bonds in the US […]

Thomson Reuters Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam of Swiss bank Credit Suisse. European investment banks are struggling to make money in a world of zero interest rates and tougher rules on capital. And their livelihoods are set to get riskier. Tidjane Thiam, the CEO of Credit Suisse, said that market volatility will spike in the next […]

REUTERS/ Benoit Tessier Subprime lending is making a comeback. TransUnion’s Q2 2016 Industry Insights Report, released on Tuesday August 16, found that 10 million new consumers have entered the credit card marketplace in the last year, bringing the overall total number of consumers with a balance on at least one credit card to 133 million. Subprime borrowers, […]