Ford Ford’s hydrogen-powered car. While Toyota and Honda are investing heavily in hydrogen-powered vehicles, Ford has shifted its attention to electric cars. Ford announced in 2013 that it was forming an alliance with Mercedes-Benz and Nissan to develop hydrogen fuel-cell technology with the goal of releasing a mass-market vehicle by 2017. But Ford CTO Raj Nair told Business […]

Bryan Logan/Business Insider 2017 Infiniti Q60S Infiniti has always been the odd one out in the luxury car segment. The automaker is an offshoot of Nissan, and like its Lexus and Acura counterparts — which are offshoots of Toyota and Honda, respectively — it has never quite been viewed as a genuine luxury marque. It shares […]

CNBC It’s nearly the 10th anniversary of Jim Cramer’s epic “they know nothing!” rant about bank illiquidity on CNBC, so we’re looking at what’s changed since then. It’s not good. US corporate debt may be so high that it’s a threat to global stability, according to the IMF. The UK has high unsecured consumer debt […]

REUTERS/Chip East Emirates first class cabin. US airlines have responded to Emirates’ announcement that it will reduce service to the US. In a statement, the Partnership for Open and Fair Skies — the lobbying organization that speaks on behalf of American, Delta, and United Airlines — said it was “laughable” that Emirates would refer to itself as a […]

REUTERS/Karoly Arvai The US pharmaceutical industry is on the brink of a new ecosystem — but it’s not taking off as smoothly as expected. Up until the past few years, biologic drugs made from living cells didn’t face competition once they lost patent protection. That’s been changing with the introduction of drugs called biosimilars. But their rollout […]