Hon Fun Ping, CEO of Sysarmy.

Hon Fun Ping, CEO of Sysarmy.

Sysarmy Sdn Bhd has won the prestigious Malaysia Cyber Security Award for ‘Cyber Security Innovation for Year 2016’. The awards were created by Cybersecurity Malaysia to honour individuals and organisations who contributed to Malaysia’s cyber security or information security, in terms of innovativeness, commitment, industry/product/service leadership and sound business strategies.

CEO of Sysarmy, Hon Fun Ping, attributes the company’s momentous win to be the overall adoption of its flagship IT security offering in the Malaysian market.

Hon shares: “Sysarmy was the first company to offer Next Generation Security Operation Centre (NGSOC) services for Malaysia and the ASEAN region, starting in 2015. We have been filling a critical gap in the cal market for organisations striving to keep up with the ever-challenging requirements of securing their data assets against IT breaches.”

Currently, Sysarmy is the second largest SOC operator in Malaysia based on its size of its corporate client base. The company grew an impressive 376% in FY2016 (ending 31 March 2016) in terms of annual revenue as compared to FY2015, with expectations for another quantum leap for FY2017.

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