Supermax Corporation a leading international manufacturer, distributor and marketer of medical gloves, today announced to Bursa Malaysia :-The Company’s fourth quarter financial results (4Q14) and full year financial results (FYE14) ended 31 December 2014. The Board of Directors’s proposed a single-tier final dividend of 6% per ordinary share of RM0.50 each in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2014 for the approval of the shareholders at the forthcoming Company’s Eighteenth Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors of Supermax Corporation Berhad believes that a board made up of highly qualified directors with gender diversity (including diversity in age and ethnicity) of whom comprised individuals from diverse professional and business backgrounds and experience as well as with character, integrity, core skills, competence and time to discharge their roles as directors and promote good corporate governance in the Company.

To support this, at the recommendation of the Company’s Nominating Committee, the Board has announced that the Company intends to seek its shareholders’ approval at the forthcoming Company’s Eighteenth Annual General Meeting to be convened at a later date on the proposed appointment of Tan Sri Rafidah binti Jubur Aziz as Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company.


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