PUTRAJAYA (July 3) The National Graphene Action Plan 2020 (NGAP 2020), which was launched today, is expected to generate a potential revenue of RM9 billion and create 9,000 jobs by 2020.

The plan, developed by Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), NanoMalaysia Bhd and Performance Management and Delivery Unit, was based on an in-depth analyses of the economic potential for Malaysia through innovations with graphene and the steps required to capture that value.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Senator Datuk Seri Idris Jala,  said the plan focused on five areas — lithium-ion battery anodes and ultra-capacitors, rubber additives, nano-drilling fluids and lubricants, conductive inks and plastic additives.

He said Malaysia has tremendous potentials in the five areas and hoped that the private sector would participate in the programme.

“If we push it and relentlessly pursue it I believe we are going to achieve our objective,” he said at the launch of the plan today.

Also present were Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed and Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah.

The carbon-based nano-material graphene, which is lauded as the new wonder material of the century, offers the best performance in every respect, including being the strongest, thinnest and the most stretchable crystal and is able to carry electric current better than any known material and is the best conductor of heat.

Meanwhile, AIM CEO Mark Rozario said, the action plan also defined the roles the government should play in capturing this value for Malaysia.

He said the plan covered the whole stage of the innovation spectrum from the development of new ideas, testing and prototyping of new ventures, to the commercialisation of the technology.

“We will be assisting the companies achieve their fullest potential at something they are already good at,” he said.

Rozario said NanoMalaysia has been appointed the lead agency to execute the plan.

He said a steering committee, chaired by Idris and co-chaired by minister of Trade and Industry, and minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, would be set up to monitor the execution of the plan.

The committee would also get the support of various government agencies such as the Economic Planning Unit, Malaysia Investment Development Authority and National Nanotechnology Directorate, he said.

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