Goh Kiang Kian, director of  G-Asiapacific

Goh Kiang Kian, director of G-Asiapacific

Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) is adopting cloud computing technology to leverage on Google Apps for Work to harness greater operational efficiency and productivity while improving service delivery.

The move also aims to further reduce operating costs by migrating from a CAPEX-heavy legacy infrastructure and systems to an OPEX based, pay-as-you-use on-demand model. This will facilitate greater real-time collaboration between MBPJ staffs through the deployment of new productivity suites and communication tools.

Datuk Bandar for Petaling Jaya, Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain mentions that the switch to cloud is part of MBPJ’s continues transformation and modernisation process and resolve mane ICT challenges such as hardware maintenance, messaging, collaboration and communication, data storage and more, allowing MBPJ to focus on its primary role of serving the public.

Meanwhile, G-Asiapacific director, Goh Kiang Kian says: “Cloud is the next step in improving and enhancing the way organisations work. This includes city councils and similar public service organisations that have been looking for a better means to manage their ICT infrastructure and requirements. Once again, cloud makes technology a business or service enabler.”

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