Deutsche Bank shares slid 5% in early trading on Monday, touching an all-time low below €11 a share.

Germany’s biggest lender faces billions in legal costs and settlements with US authorities over an investigation into sales of mortgage-backed securities, which would leave the bank seriously undercapitalised.

Deutsche Bank has lost 53% of its equity market value so far this year.

Here is Deutsche Bank:



Deutsche Bank has dragged down Germany’s wider stock market – the DAX Index.

Here is the chart:



Meanwhile Brexit continues to weigh on UK stocks, with concerns that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is preparing for a so-called hard Brexit that would see the UK lose membership of the European Union’s single market and customs union.

Around three-quarters of chief executive officers said they would consider moving operations from the UK to Europe in the wake of Brexit, according to a survey of 100 CEOs from accountancy firm KPMG,

Here is the FTSE 100:



That is also weighted on the pound, which has dropped against the dollar and looks unlikely to climb back above $ 1.30 on Monday.

Here is Sterling:



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