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[This is a sponsored article with Pos Malaysia.] There are many factors that influence the success of an SME’s business. Some commonly talked about ones include capital, the product offered, and marketing strategies. However, one crucial process of running a business is ensuring that your product even reaches customers satisfactorily in the first place. When the pandemic happened and more… Source link

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BEFORE the pandemic, most small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) would concentrate on traditional ways of taking their business to the next level and were slow to give their commitment to digital transformation as a solution. According to a report by SME Corp Malaysia, in 2020, about 77% of SMEs remained at… Source link

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HSBC Malaysia urges SMEs to embrace digital tech and modern finance

Navigator: Voice of Business 2021 report finds higher investment in digital tools Make and receive payments like a local around the world with HSBC Global Wallet Small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs in Malaysia) are accelerating the integration of technology into business, enabling them to build resilience as well as presenting new opportunities for growth. And while technology… Source link

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Semarak Niaga Keluarga Malaysia Programme set to benefit Malaysia’s SMEs and micro-SMEs

Enterprises can look at financial loans with zero interest rates from institutions like SME Bank, or business financing guarantees to obtain new financing which was previously difficult for them to obtain. Worth a total of RM40bn, Malaysia’s latest economic support initiative, Semarak Niaga Keluarga Malaysia Programme, will increase access to financing to the business sector (i.e. SMEs,… Source link

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