Bob Bryan, Business Insider In the past month, two major tech companies announced surprising deals. The first – Microsoft’s $ 26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. The second – Tesla’s $ 2.8 billion purchase of SolarCity.  Both LinkedIn and SolarCity as stocks have struggled this year, making them interesting acquisition targets. LinkedIn was down 40% before […]

Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider When imperious Rolls-Royce introduced an “entry level” model over six years ago, the automotive aristocracy simply didn’t know what to expect. Some feared that BMW, Rolls-Royce’s parent company, had gone off its rocker. But fortunately for fans and customers of the brand, that car turned out to be the well-received Ghost, a […]

Have you read Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace? It’s a weighty tome. Now imagine reading it 15 times. That’s how long the Dodd-Frank banking oversight document that was introduced in the aftermath of the Great Recession is. And that has Henry McVey, head of global macro and asset allocation at private-equity firm KKR, questioning whether regulatory burdens are too […]

Debutantes: When Glamour was Born/Rizzoli The traditions surrounding the “debutante” — a woman of age who is ready to marry — date back to ancient, tribal times. However, the ceremony involving gorgeous gowns, cotillion dances, and lavish parties didn’t begin until the Victorian era.  Traditionally a matchmaking process, the “coming out” party changed in the […]

Emma Rechenberg/Business Insider Impress your friends by serving drinks with champagne ice cubes. We’ve all been there: It’s hot outside and your drink is warm, so you add ice to cool it down. Suddenly, you realize your cocktail is extremely watered-down and you’re stuck with a lower-quality drink. Right? Not anymore. Champagne ice cubes are the simplest […]

Senior Goldman Sachs managers encouraged a former salesman to “own” the Libyan Investment Authority as a client because of the potential for large profit margins on complex trades, a London court heard on Thursday. The LIA was set up in 2006 to invest Libya’s oil wealth internationally. The organisation claims Goldman Sachs took advantage of […]

If you don’t know your gels from your pomades and your clays from your hair sprays, we have good news: you’re not alone.  The world of men’s hair products can be daunting, but that’s not a reason for despair. Our friends at have a comprehensive breakdown of every single hair product out there, as […]