AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors Inc., unveils the company’s newest products, Powerwall and Powerpack in Hawthorne, Calif., Thursday, April 30, 2015. When Tesla was founded 13 years ago, its ambitions were never to be just a one-hit wonder. The electric car maker has always dreamed big, especially since CEO Elon […]

马来西亚维持其作为国际游客拜物超所值的经济酒店房价的最爱目的地的地位,根据最新的酒店价格指数由Hotels.com(HPI) 旅客 – 无论国内国际 – 享受更好的价值酒店留在了这里,平均价格每晚RM307的为住宿少11%的平均开支 该报告指出,全球酒店价格由旅客支付的全球增长。只有1%的最后一年。负担得起的价格也取得了亚洲游客的热门选择。 言归正传,首要目标似乎是该国的首都。从HPI的最新数据显示,吉隆坡依然是最喜欢的入站的目的地。 KL也是新加坡的旅客前三名出境目的地,以及选择的前20个目的地之一从泰国游客,印度,印度尼西亚,日本和澳大利亚。 的Tanah Rata金马仑高原看到支付的酒店价格较去年同期下降幅度高达44%,最大的变化。这使得它最大的价值换取金钱的目的地在马来西亚国内和国际游客希望得到他们的物超所值。 更多假期的观众还可以享受怡保的旧世界的魅力和浮罗交怡的白色沙滩以更合理的价格海滩利率双位数减少了两地之后。游客到古晋也经历减少酒店价格。 Hotels.com高级营销总监(亚太地区)尼尔森艾伦说,在全球旅客支付的平均酒店价格的下降意味着马来西亚的游客正在享受较低的酒店价格在整个南 – 东亚 他补充说,最新数据冲出亚洲,显示这可能是在亚太地区最佳旅游时间。 的HPI是酒店的价格主要定期报告世界各地的目的地,追踪人们实际支付他们的住宿,并提供有价值的洞察这些变化背后的原因价格的运动。该数据是从成千上万的酒店在全球Hotels.com网站的预订绘制。Star2.com »马来西亚

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images It’s a friggin’ robot! Tesla events tend to be some of the most exciting in not just the automotive world, but the worlds of business and technology.  Sure, Apple gets a lot of attention for its events. But we’re talking about tiny glass-and-metal devices here. Tesla has giant robots that sling around […]

Vysotsky/CC 3.0 Studying for a degree in accounting and finance may not exactly be the most glamorous way to spend your university years, with many students favouring business and management degrees as a way to get into a high-paid career in banking or finance. However, both accounting and finance are a good way to get a […]

REUTERS/Luke MacGregor A man walks past Deutsche Bank offices in London December 5, 2013. Deutsche Bank’s rates trading business, which had targeted ambitious revenue growth in 2016, is suffering amid the tough start to the year. The business, which focuses on the trading of government debt and interest rate derivatives, had an unusually quiet start to […]