Getty Images/Joe Raedle ‘And what we did was approach them in places like Dunkin Donuts where our team knew exactly how they took their coffee…’ When the FBI wants to get a hedge fund portfolio manager to be a cooperating witness in an insider trading case, they’ll literally follow that person everywhere, according to FBI Special Agent David Chaves. […]

Bryan Logan/Business Insider McLaren builds supercars for people who love technology. Ferrari builds them for people who are into a sexy, screaming engine and breathtaking styling, and Lamborghini builds them for people who had Lamborghini posters on their bedroom walls as teenagers. Pagani builds them for artists. Porsche builds them people who … I guess […]

Facebook/Schott NYC Today, you can wear the leather jacket without being in a motorcycle gang, without being Marlon Brando, and without even being a rock star. Schott Bros. NYC has been making leather jackets and wool apparel for more than 100 years — and now, as the rocker look comes back into style, they’re more popular […]

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters The Revel casino resort, which is now closed. Atlantic City was once New Jersey’s largest tourist attraction. It boasted a beautiful boardwalk and beaches, and it was the first city to provide gambling outside of Nevada. But the city has seen hard times these past few years; four of the city’s 12 casinos closed […]

Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne is delaying the planned sell-off of Lloyds Bank shares due to market turbulence. To be clear — he said the Treasury’s pledge to sell £2 billion ($ 2.8 billion) worth of shares in the publicly-owned bank at a 5% discount to the general public in one of the biggest privatisations in years would resume […]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Wall Street and the surrounding financial district in lower Manhattan are a center of world commerce. But the streets beneath bankers’ feet are rich with their own history and secrets. We took a trip downtown to take a look at the secrets hiding in plain sight (or maybe […]

Banks are going wild for the blockchain, the technology first invented to underpin bitcoin. Also known as “distributed ledger” technology, blockchain uses complex cryptography and a wide network of duplicated ledgers to let people transact directly with one another online without going through a middleman. Transactions must be signed off by both parties and record […]

REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski Traders talk. These are not the guys I was talking to. One of the fun things about being a financial journalist is you get to sit in on some really interesting meetings with super-smart people.  I got the opportunity to sit down with a team of bank research analysts and equity salespeople at […]