champagne ice cubes

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Impress your friends by serving drinks with champagne ice cubes.

We’ve all been there: It’s hot outside and your drink is warm, so you add ice to cool it down. Suddenly, you realize your cocktail is extremely watered-down and you’re stuck with a lower-quality drink. Right?

Not anymore. Champagne ice cubes are the simplest way to keep your drink cool and strong this summer. 

We tried making the sparkling cubes ourselves — here’s how it went. 

Pour champagne into ice trays, freeze overnight, and enjoy the next day.

It’s that easy.

Be sure to pour slowly into the trays, as the champagne will bubble over. Allow ample freezing time for the cubes to form, but once they’re ready, serve them quickly. They melted much faster than we expected.

The final product is refreshing, impressive, and boozy.

And, of course, they taste like champagne. 

The slushy champagne melts faster than traditional ice cubes, but when it’s alcohol that’s melting, there’s really no need to rush.

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