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Adidas is one of many David Beckham’s many endorsement partners.

Even if you’ve never watched a second of football, you’ve heard of David Beckham. 

The ex-England, Manchester United and Real Madrid star has reached a level of celebrity completely beyond the game — and is arguably even more famous now than he was at his football peak.

This is no accident. He married a member of one of the biggest pop groups ever, has been the face of some of the biggest sports endorsements, has countless famous friends, and is a familiar face at other massive sporting events.

Keep scrolling to see the fabulous life of David Beckham.

This is David Beckham. You’ve probably heard of him.

He’s one of the most famous footballers of all time.

And one of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Here he is with his wife, Victoria Beckham, ex-member of the Spice Girls and a fashion superstar in her own right.

Beckham is a big family man​, and is often seen out with his four children. Here are three of them, posing at a charity football match. From left to right: Cruz, Harper and Romeo.

This is the Beckham’s oldest son, Brooklyn, here with his girlfriend — the actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

Beckham got his start playing for one of the biggest football clubs in the world — Manchester United.

After that he had a four-year stint at Real Madrid, a club that’s now also one of the biggest in the world.

He met his wife Victoria at a football match in 1997. “I didn’t really know who he was,” she reflected. “I was never into football.”

Since then, they have become one of the world’s foremost ‘power couples,’ not to mention fashion​ icons.

He’s had deals with electronics giant Samsung.

As well as Adidas.

His contract with Pepsi saw him rub shoulder with Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

He even has his own brand of whiskey.

He has a massive contract with clothing company H&M, even releasing his own lines of menswear.

Basically, he’s a style god.

All of these deals means he and Victoria have a combined wealth of an $ 450 million.

Source: Celebrity Net Worth

The Beckhams used to live in Rowneybury House, dubbed “Beckingham Palace,” located in Hertfordshire.

Now they live in a very swanky house in Holland Park.

One of these is David Beckham’s London house so that’s fun

— carolyn mullarkey (@caromullarkey) 3 July 2015

They also have a huge pad in LA.

David Beckham House ۩ ۩

— ۩ RealMadrid Live ۩ (@RealMadridTvFC) 12 July 2016

In 2015 People Magazine named David as its Sexiest Man Alive.

He has a lot of famous friends. Here he is hanging out with Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

And US superstar Kevin Hart.

Not to mention Noel Gallagher and Liv Tyler.

As a Unicef Ambassador, Beckham is big on charity work.

He also likes hanging out with the troops.

This has made him a favourite of Her Majesty the Queen.

But he’s at his happiest watching other sports, like Wimbledon tennis.

Or the Olympics.

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