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TELUK INTAN (May 31) – Teluk Intan voters go to the polls today to choose between a veteran politician and a political novice.

If the choose 53-year-old Datuk Mah Siew Keong, the country will get a new Cabinet minister. And if they opt for 27-year-old Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, we will get our youngest MP.

Dyana Sofya has been at the centre of attention ever since she was named the DAP candidate, while the BN’s Mah had previously served as the Teluk Intan MP for two terms.

The by-election is being held following the death on May 1 of DAP’s Seah Leong Peng, who won the seat in the May 2013 general election..

Political observers speak of a close race but many analysts expect Dyana Sofya to triumph with a smaller majority than the 7,313 majority obtained by Seah.   

A total of 59,927 voters are eligible to vote today at 35 polling centres which have a total of 120 polling streams.

During the early voting on May 27, 392 of the 410 eligible voters cast their ballots.

The Election Commission expects the result of the by-election to be announced as early as 9pm.

Voting ends at 5pm followed by the counting of votes. The EC expects the first ballot box to arrive at the tallying centre, at SMK Abdul Rahman Talib, at about 6.30pm.


10.40 am

Reports from SK Kampung Bahagia shows that PAS supporters backing DAP candidate Dyana Sofya are in engaged in a shouting match with Pasir Salak Umno members. Police have been deployed there to monitor the situation. Federal Reserve Units and Light Strike Force not seen.

10.28 am

Compared to the recent Kajang by-election, the polls here appear to be quite slow, judging by the turnout at polling stations l;ike SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz.

10.15 am

There are reports that things are getting heated up between the supporters of both camps in SK Kampung Bahagia.

9.55 am

A slight argument occurred between members of the press and an unknown Election Commission officer.

The female officer stationed at the SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz voting centre tried to kick the press from covering the event.

She cited that the press are only allowed into the voting centre when they “are doing coverage” and only when the candidates are here.

However, members of the media corp stood their ground and questioned her directive even when she brought a police officer to force the press out.

When the media explained that her reasoning was wrong, the police officer who requested anonymity took the media’s side but asked the media to vacate the premises once DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud has made her appearance.

9.22 am

Everything seems peaceful at the SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz polling station. However, there are reports of Light Strike Force Unit presence at Batak Rabit.

9.06 am

Gerakan president and BN candidate Datuk Mah Siew Keong arrives at SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz, jalan Padang Tembak  to cast his ballot. He cast his vote at 9.11am together with his wife at Stream 3.

9.00 am

Polling has generally been a slow and quiet in the first hour.

8.00 am

Voting starts at 35 polling stations. The voting process is orderly.

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