Sometimes the next big thing isn’t easy to spot—even when its the iPhone, which celebrated its 10th anniversary today. Steve Ballmer, founder of Microsoft, infamously said that Apple’s new invention was a waste of money. “Five hundred dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world,” Ballmer reportedly […]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Henry Blodget explains the most important chart in the world right now based on economist Pavlina Tcherneva’s analysis of income gains during recoveries. Which have gone entirely to the top 10%. Blodget points out the growth in profit as a percent of GDP compared to the decline in wages as […]

Shutterstock Are you applying cologne correctly? Fragrance is a bit of a conundrum for many. Much is misunderstood about it, and there hasn’t been much of an effort to clear up the misconceptions. There are three big mistakes men (and sometimes even women) make when applying fragrance: Applying to the wrong areas, applying too much, and rubbing […]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Nathan Myhrvold spent more than a decade working for Bill Gates, eventually rising to be Microsoft’s chief strategist and chief technology officer. He left the company in 1999. Today, as founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures, Myhrvold still works with Gates on a variety of projects. What’s it like […]

REUTERS/Rashid Umar Abbasi Everything is going my way. Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn has been getting clobbered on his Tesla short position, just like every other hedge funder who has been somewhat sensibly betting against CEO Elon Musk’s surging stock price and $ 50-billion market cap. He says there’s a Tesla bubble, and even Musk would […]

Carlyle Carlyle’s Sandra Horbach. Everyone makes mistakes – but as the adage goes, it’s often what you learn from them that counts. Business Insider recently sat down with Sandra Horbach, the cohead of US buyouts at the $ 158 billion private equity firm, Carlyle Group. Horbach is one of the industry’s most senior women, and […]

Adam Payne/Business Insider Economist Andrew Lilico (far-right of picture) speaks on a panel at the “Article 50: What Next?” conference in London. LONDON — 72% of economists wrongly predicted that the Brexit vote would plunge Britain into a recession, according to Dr. Andrew Lilico, a Leave campaigner and director of policy group Europe Economics, who […] (L-R) Jean-Michel Lauren, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Jason Langrish, CERT and Gerald Keddy, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade. The man who helped “give birth” to the EU-Canada free trade deal (CETA) says Brexit is “shaping up to be a one-sided affair” and “the Brexiters who think they have the upper hand are wrong.” In […]