[unable to retrieve full-text content] Whistlepig WhistlePig Boss Hog IV “The Black Prince.” It you want to sip the finest whiskey in the world, the name you’ll need to know is WhistlePig. The Vermont distillery’s Boss Hog IV “The Black Prince” bottle was recently awarded the titles of “best in show whiskey” and “best rye […]

Home Wet Bar / Samantha Lee There’s nothing cozier than enjoying dark spirits like whiskey around the holidays. When the time comes to buy gifts for the whiskey lover in your life, you’ll have a wide variety of stocking stuffers and bottles to choose from.  We’ve put together a collection of gifts that are sure […]

Jack Daniel’s One of the 78 barrel houses at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. While there are no birth records for Jack Daniel,  it’s customary to celebrate the founder’s birthday in September. The distillery was founded when Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel ran away from home and started making whiskey with a Lutheran Minister when he […]

Courtesy of Penguin Random House Noah Rothbaum is the author of “The Art of American Whiskey.” The Prohibition Era left a gap in America’s knowledge of whiskey, leading to a slew of myths and misconceptions.  Whiskey and spirits enthusiast Noah Rothbaum debunks some of these myths in his new book, “The Art of American Whiskey,” which uses […]

Flickr The one cocktail that brought back rye whiskey. Whiskey is experiencing a huge comeback in America. Walk into any trendy New York City bar today and you’ll almost certainly find a variety of bourbons and Scotches on the shelf and a handful of whiskey-fueled cocktails on the menu. But it was not until recently […]

So you’ve decided to drink whiskey. That’s good, but it’s just a first step. Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Bourbon or Rye — the options are at once tantalizing and intimidating if you haven’t wrapped your mind around the range of flavors and ways whiskey is served. Remember, this is an art hundreds of years in […]