Ernst & Young Mitch Berlin Deal announcements and closures dominate M&A headlines but rarely do we read about what happens in between and after.  That is where the heavy lifting is, and it can dictate the deal’s success. Companies face significant challenges as they try to align on management, culture, and strategy. This can sometimes […]

Thomson Reuters He wanted s monopoly. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s 21st-century car service is valued at more than $ 60 billion and has the traditional taxi business on its heels. But despite Uber’s popularity, its original business plan is in jeopardy and it faces the unappealing prospect of having to spend massive amounts of cash […]

Photo illustration by Mike Nudelman / YayYo / iSpot YayYo is a startup that plans to be an aggregator for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.  It’s heavily marketing its IPO on television, and implying investors could make millions. YayYo’s founder has an unusual history involving an arms dealer, infomercials, charges of stock-manipulation, and “Men are […]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Scott Galloway is a marketing professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and the founder of business intelligence firm L2. Galloway appears on this week’s episode of The Bottom Line with Henry Blodget and explains how Amazon could eliminate the existence of brands with voice technology. The following is […]

Wikimedia Commons LONDON — Another week brings more troubling data points that suggest Britain’s economy is starting to feel the pain of Brexit. This week was a relatively quiet one for economic data. But there were too significant, and worrying, releases. The first was a survey of British consumers from IHS Markit showing the biggest […]

David Goldman/AP Photo Overbooking is a common practice in the airline industry that helps companies sure they sell every seat. The United Airlines incident has sparked outrage about the practice of overbooking in the airline industry. On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie even sent a letter to the Trump administration asking for the regulations […]

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters Snow-covered cars at a dealership in New York in February 2009. In late 2012, Kathleen Boluch needed a new car — a drunk driver had left hers totaled — but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to get. Boluch, who lives in Massachusetts, was freelancing and wasn’t making much money. She didn’t have […]

Matthew DeBord/BI Hello! Cars have come a long way in the past 30 years. When I first started driving, you didn’t get much more than an AM/FM radio and maybe tape deck. Airbags hadn’t yet become common. Self-driving was called cruise control. Anything that drove “sporty” cam from Europe. Now safety is extensive, infotainment and […]