Reuters U.S. businessman Donald Trump christens with champagne a new variety of rose that was named after him as the Trump Rose, in a ceremony sponsored by the Ecuadoran minister of trade, Ivone Baki, in Quito May 31, 2004. Democrats spent four days trashing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump at their convention, but it seems that […]

Paramount/MovieClips/YouTube The world of commercial aviation is still a complex and mysterious place. After all, there’s nothing normal about being flung across the sky at 500 mph in a pressurized metal tube that’s strapped to jet engines while sipping on a drink and watching a movie.  There are many are odd things about flying that most passengers […]

Bond investing legend Bill Gross, formerly of PIMCO, now of Janus Capital, took a moment to weigh in on China. On Wednesday he tweeted: Gross: China’s credit expansion unsustainable. Use risk rally to de-risk. — Janus Capital (@JanusCapital) February 17, 2016 For China bears, debt has become the central issue. On Monday, the country reported […]

Give banker Sal Galatioto twenty minutes with a sports team owner, and he’ll tell you whether that team is going to be successful. In a Bloomberg M&A podcast, Galatioto told reporter Alex Sherman that he is able to walk into a room, meet an owner and tell whether that is going to be a winning franchise.  Galatioto, helped sell the Charlotte […]

Carl Court/GettyImages Do you check your phone for market updates before getting out of bed? Are you parked in front of a Bloomberg terminal before your morning coffee? We’d like to hear from you.  We want to know what tools and strategies today’s financial advisors and institutional investors use to make smart decisions that support their clients […]

Reuters Saudi youths demonstrate a stunt known as “sidewall skiing” (driving on two wheels) in the northern city of Hail, in Saudi Arabia March 30, 2013. Saudi Arabia’s budget deficit is about the same size (relative to GDP) as Greece’s just before its sovereign debt crisis. The oil-rich kingdom will run a deficit of around 13% of […]