Sometimes the next big thing isn’t easy to spot—even when its the iPhone, which celebrated its 10th anniversary today. Steve Ballmer, founder of Microsoft, infamously said that Apple’s new invention was a waste of money. “Five hundred dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world,” Ballmer reportedly […]

Major Wall Street banks have been investing in blockchain technology for years now, but few products have yet to actually reach the market. That’s because we’re still in a “proof of concept” phase, according to new Morgan Stanley research published this week.  “Whilst Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, has been around for a number of […]

Yuya Shino/Reuters Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son Japanese tech and telecom giant SoftBank has hired Colin Fan, a former head of investment banking and trading at Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg News’ Stephanie Baker reports.  The Hong Kong-born banker joined Deutsche Bank as a credit trader in 1998. Over 19 years, Fan rose through the ranks, eventually being named co-head of the firm’s […]

LinkedIn Ben Harknett. A San Franscicso software startup founded by alumni from the world’s largest hedge fund is expanding into London. Domino Data Lab, a software company for data science teams, has hired Ben Harknett, who previously worked for Google, to lead the move.  Harknett previously headed the Europe, Middle East and Asia division for Wildfire, a […]

Ford Ford’s hydrogen-powered car. While Toyota and Honda are investing heavily in hydrogen-powered vehicles, Ford has shifted its attention to electric cars. Ford announced in 2013 that it was forming an alliance with Mercedes-Benz and Nissan to develop hydrogen fuel-cell technology with the goal of releasing a mass-market vehicle by 2017. But Ford CTO Raj Nair told Business […]

Tipalti Daniel DeVall always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When he was growing up he did a number of odd jobs for his parents’ window tinting business. He told Business Insider that this upbringing instilled in him a love for innovation and entrepreneurship.  DeVall, who served as Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo for two years, recently […]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Earlier in his career, Nathan Myhrvold served as chief strategist and chief technology officer at Microsoft. After he left Microsoft in 1999, he founded the firm called Intellectual Ventures. Myhrvold’s extraordinary ability to explore new realms in technology and science is the foundation of Intellectual Ventures. Malcolm Gladwell wrote memorably […]

Ford A self-driving Ford Fusion. The auto industry must grapple with a difficult double standard: although consumers agree safety-related technology is the most important feature in cars, people don’t want to pay more for it. The findings are based on a Deloitte survey of 22,000 consumers in 17 different countries. The report found that US consumers […]