REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Mohamed El-Erian. Deutsche Bank’s current troubles will not turn into a “Lehman moment,” a ccording to Allianz’s chief economic adviser, Mohamed El-Erian. El-Erian on Thursday told Bloomberg TV that the German lender’s current turmoil will not lead to “a sudden stop to the global economy,” like the one that followed Lehman Brothers’ 2008 failure. For one thing, he […]

Ferrari It has been eight years since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers and bonuses are back. Total bonus payments in the year to March 2016 increased 4.4% to £44.3 billion ($ 58.6 billion) – a new record – according to the Office for National Statistics. It marks the first time that the bonus total beat 2008′s record of £42.5 […]

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Britain leaving the European Union would have a strong negative on European equity markets, but the impact would be nowhere near as bad as the fallout following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, according to Goldman Sachs. In a recent note sent to clients by Goldman analysts led by Sharon Bell, the bank […]

Portia Crowe/Business Insider Zach Coopersmith. Zach Coopersmith has learned some important lessons over the course of his Wall Street career. But for the 30-year-old Leading Ridge Capital cofounder, one particular moment really stands out. It was the evening he found himself in the middle of Lehman Brothers’ notorious “fourth floor” — where distressed credit and […]

Getty/Dave Kotinsky 50 Cent’s bankruptcy filing looked an awful lot like Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld’s explanation of his company’s failure. Let’s get the obvious comparison out of the way first. Both Dick Fuld, the former CEO of Lehman Brothers, and 50 Cent left some folks who had key financial relationships with them feeling very […]

Reuters Dick Fuld spoke publicly for the first time in seven years today. He got mixed reviews. Ex-Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld made an impassioned defense of his former company, and the decisions made in the 2008 financial crisis. But not everyone who attended his speech was buying it.  Fuld still insists that in September […]