REUTERS/Brendan McDermid On Monday David Einhorn kicked off the Sohn Investment Conference with his short thesis on the fracking industry. “We object to oil fracking because the investment can contaminate returns,” he said. The way he sees it, fracking is simply way to expensive a business. Companies have raised funds to finish projects that have […]

Science From the February 20, 2015 Science article, “Coping with earthquakes induced by fluid injection.” Scientists are pretty sure that they know what is causing a wave of seismic activity in Oklahoma — but it has taken those actually employed by the state a while to come around. Bloomberg reports that a representative from a […]

Science Researchers are pretty sure at this point that the increase in earthquakes in the middle of the US in recent years have been caused by fracking.  The USGS put out a news release in February that starts with this:  Large areas of the United States that used to experience few or no earthquakes have, […]