Thomson Reuters Jon Corzine. Former Goldman Sachs CEO and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has agreed to pay $ 5 million to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to settle a lawsuit over the 2011 collapse of his hedge fund, MF Global. That’s according to Reuters, which reports that Corzine has also agreed to never again register with the […]

REUTERS/Christian Hartmann Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan. Deutsche Bank is firing and disciplining staff and paying out a $ 258 million fine to regulators after it was found to have processed transactions for countries sanctioned by the US government over a seven-year span.  The bank processed more than 27,000 transactions worth more than $ 10 […]

Sarah Jacobs Chef Altenberg sitting on his air mattress. You might be under the impression that you live in a small space. This may be the case, however, I can guarantee that it is not as tiny as professional chef Grayson Altenberg’s new apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. A recent New York transplant from the […]

Pascal/Flickr The market for US Treasury bonds operates just fine, right up until the moment that the thing that keeps it moving suddenly disappears. That is the gist of a new post published by the The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Liberty Street Economics blog published this morning on the hot-button issue in the bond market. […]

Stringer Iraq/Reuters Investors in the world’s largest oil companies are worrying that the energy groups will run into trouble when it comes to paying out dividends. This is because they believe that the combination of a low oil price, operating cost reductions, and the issuance of scrip dividends — additional stocks given to shareholders in proportion to their current amount held […] screenshot The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau fined PayPal $ 25 million this week for signing people up for its credit arm, PayPal Credit (previously Bill Me Later), without them realizing it. $ 15 million of the fine is going toward reimbursing PayPal customers who were erroneously signed up for PayPal Credit, and the other […]

REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach A statue is pictured in front of the former head quarters of Germany’s largest business bank, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, January 28, 2013 Deutsche Bank just got slammed with a massive fine by US authorities. They’ll pay up $ 2.5 billion (£1.6 billion) in connection with the manipulation of inter-bank interest rates like […]

REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista delivers a speech during a meeting with businessmen in Sao Paulo Former billionaire Eike Batista is facing his first official sanctions from the collapse of his billion-dollar empire. The New York Times reported Wednesday that Brazil’s securities regulator charged Batista with a $ 435,000 fine for failing to provide […]