Jack Sommer The Brooklyn Bridge celebrated its 134th birthday on Wednesday.  The bridge opened to the public on May 24, 1883 and to mark the occasion the city put on an extravagant firework show between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Needless to say, the bridge has a long, rich history. Here’s a look at some of the lesser […]

Paramount/MovieClips/YouTube The world of commercial aviation is still a complex and mysterious place. After all, there’s nothing normal about being flung across the sky at 500 mph in a pressurized metal tube that’s strapped to jet engines while sipping on a drink and watching a movie.  There are many are odd things about flying that most passengers […]

WhiteHouse.gov President Barack Obama discussing US policy towards Cuba at the White House on December 17, 2014. On the heels of the announcement of the restoration of U.S.-Cuban diplomatic relations on July 20, Cuba’s removal from the U.S. state sponsors of terrorism list, and the re-opening of embassies in the two countries, we mined the […]

REUTERS/Yorgos Karahalis Greece has rich ancient history and Mediterranean beauty, but lately it’s been in the news because because of its economic upheaval.  While more than 60% of Greek voters rejected a proposed bailout deal during Sunday’s referendum, the country was long divided between those who were hoping for a “yes” vote and those who were […]

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Greece continues to face economic problems amidst failed bailout negotiations. Here are 6 facts about the country’s precarious economy.  Produced by Eames Yates. Original Reporting by Elena Holodny. Follow BI Video: On Facebook http://www.businessinsider.my/facts-about-greek-economy-bailout-euro-crisis-2015-6/

Back in 1939, Winston Churchill famously remarked that Russia was “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” For most people, his words ring true to this day. Although Russia is the largest country in the world and has the eighth-largest GDP, little is widely known about the nation and its culture. To help you out with […]