Thomson Reuters People gather at the booth of Chinese electric vehicle start-up Nio as it unveils its ES8 SUV at the Shanghai auto show, in Shanghai Electric car startup Nio just made a huge move to challenge Tesla in China, which is rapidly becoming the most important market for companies pursuing battery-powered vehicles. Nio unveiled […]

Kai Caemmerer An empty city in China. Throughout China, there are hundreds of cities that have almost everything one needs for a modern, urban lifestyle: high-rise apartment complexes, developed waterfronts, skyscrapers, and even public art. Everything, that is, except one major factor: people.  These mysterious — and almost completely empty — cities are a part of China’s […]

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon The problem with camouflaging bad loans by mixing them in with good ones is that no one will want to buy any of them — thus creating the illiquidity you’re trying to avoid. China’s banks are disguising bad debts by turning them into “securitized packages” rather than writing them down as non-performing loans, according to […]

Cadillac 2017 Cadillac CT-6 Plug-In Hybrid. Cadillac announced, on Tuesday, that the company’s flagship CT-6 Plug-In Hybrid sedan will go on sale next year in the US.  Even though the CT-6 Hybrid’s styling, performance, luxury amenities, and technology are immensely impressive, many will over look those attributes. Instead, the focus will be on its place […]

REUTERS/Jon Woo Wealthy investors from China could flood the UK property market with billions in the next 10 years, further pushing up house prices, according to a new report from the Guardian. The role of investment from wealthy families and funds from Middle Eastern states like Qatar and the UAE is already well known.  So […]