Sometimes the next big thing isn’t easy to spot—even when its the iPhone, which celebrated its 10th anniversary today. Steve Ballmer, founder of Microsoft, infamously said that Apple’s new invention was a waste of money. “Five hundred dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world,” Ballmer reportedly […]

Reuters Jes Staley speaks during a panel discussion at the Institute of International Finance (IIF) annual meeting in Washington September 25, 2011. Chief executives at European banks are getting a rough deal compared to their American counterparts, according to new research published in the Financial Times. The research, by PriceWaterhouseCooper and commissioned by the FT, shows […]

Richard Reed/Twitter Richard Reed in New York on a trip. Becoming a millionaire seems like an impossible feat for most of us but some of the successful people in Britain grew their wealth from scratch by building great companies. The BBC talked to a number of famous British entrepreneurs, business leaders, and musicians as part […]

Reuters Barclays may have shelled out £3.7 billion ($ 5.5 billion) in currency market manipulation litigation costs in 2014 as well as costs associated with dealing with a number of retail investor mis-selling scandals and writedowns from property loan portfolios but that didn’t stop it rewarding its executives with millions of pounds in share awards. According […]