Donald Bowers/Getty Images The worlds of finance and the humanities seem distant. The cold calculus and material emphasis of finance seems about as far removed as one can imagine from the inquiring, open-ended approach of the humanities and its emphasis on meaning. As I researched my book, The Wisdom of Finance, I was surprised to […]

Sky News (L) Salman Abedi and ISIS recruiter Raphael Hostey. Police have confirmed they are investigating a “network” of suspects. They had arrested 8 people in total. Sky News reports that there was a “significant” connection between Salman Abedi and ISIS recruiter Raphael Hostey. Abedi’s older brother was arrested in Manchester in connection with the attack, […]

Thomson Reuters ICE chief Jeff Sprecher speaks at the Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. Global Exchange and Brokerage Conference in New York The London Stock Exchange’s search for a buyer hit a wall in March when the European Commission put the kibosh on a merger between the London Stock Exchange and Germany-based Deutsche Börse.  But for The […]

Dan Kitwood / Getty LONDON — The gulf between London and the southeast’s property market and the rest of the UK is staggering — particularly when it comes to affordability. While housing across the country has become more than twice as unaffordable on average in the past two decades, the gap between so-called “prime” central […]

AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Alan Gibson LONDON – The risk of a serious trade war between the world’s two largest economies has sharply increased, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank And it may be down to a product known as distillers’ dried grains, an ingredient in animal feed. Last week China increased anti-dumping tariffs on […]

Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji Employees check a manned biped walking robot “METHOD-2″ during a demonstration in Gunpo, South Korea, December 27, 2016. LONDON — Up to 15 million UK jobs are at “high or medium risk” of being replaced by automation in the next two decades, according to a new report. The report, from centre-left […]