A kosher life might be delicious but it’s also expensive.

The Jewish Chronicle explored this with a Kosher Chicken Index that measures how much more it costs to live as an observant Jew in the UK.

They found it costs about £12,700 ($ 18,487) per family on top of the standard living expenses.

The costs are concentrated in property prices, food and religious celebrations.

For example, eating out at kosher restaurants and buying kosher meat costs about £2,000 per year.

Meanwhile, living in a Jewish area of town is expensive. According to the Jewish Chronicle:

One fifth of British Jews are concentrated in the north London borough of Barnet, where property prices are 157% than average prices for England and Wales.

The higher rent and mortgage add on almost £6,000 a year, while faith schools, synagogue membership and life-events such as Bar Mitzvahs and weddings cost an extra £4,800 annually.

The figures were compiled by Anthony Tricot, a consultant for Ernst and Young and Andrea Silberman, an economist at the Treasury.

They found Jewish weddings really aren’t cheap, costing an average of £55,000.

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