From left Datuk Takashi hibi, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor and Datuk Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor


The contours of the body exudes sophistication and subtlety in the same breath with linear lines drawing the viewer exactly where the designers intended. A car like the Lexus RC and the diabolical twin RC-F  carries shapes that are distinctively Lexus, the executives in Japan must have been guided by their past successes and the high interest they garnered from the LFA and the concept LF-C2 showcased at the recent LA Auto Show to place their trust on the artist who crafted this machine. The Omni present spindle grill which seems befitting a 18 wheeler truck takes centre stage as the body lines droop in, giving dimensions to the sides and front with all leading towards the hourglass shaped grill. The car has character! First impression is important if you want to sell a car where the price is secondary.

Lexus Malaysia invited a selected group of media to what could possibly be the last launch for the Japanese marque this year, after a robust 12 month with new models and increased sales Lexus is placing the cherry on the proverbial cake with the launch of the RC 350 and RC-F. Hailed as the ultimate and most luxurious Lexus High Performance Coupe, the new RC offers a new design that has never before seen in a Lexus.

The All-New RC-350 and RC-F mark the return of Lexus into the Malaysian Luxury Sport segment and for the first time Lexus Malaysia is offering two models in the sports coupe segment. RC and RC-F are positioned as class above of premium competitors that focuses mainly in driving dynamics and pure styling of the car.

According to Datuk Ismet, President of UMW Toyota Motor in his speech, “The Lexus RC marks a new chapter for Lexus Malaysia, and we are proud to be able to offer customers one of the finest coupes in the market today.” Both the RC-350 and the RC-F have been making waves around the world with the trademark Lexus design together with the Lexus signature spindle grille, making both cars immediately recognisable.

Standard features are the state-of-the-art multi-LED headlamps with independent LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) with uniquely shaped lenses and multi-LED lamps for both high and low beam. All three LEDs are lit when the headlight is turned on while an L-shape is adopted during low beam marking the Lexus insignia.

The RC-350 coupe sits lowly for the sporty feel with wide stance, short wheelbase and large diameter tyres, being a true “2+2” coupe, the RC-350 offers excellent accommodation for driver and passenger with sufficient space for two rear seat occupants.

Interior Motif 

Stepping into the cabin one feels if the Starship Enterprise had a luxury suite for Captain Kirk to operate from this would be it. The interior of the RC-350 is a perfect balance of both sportiness and elegance. The luxurious leather seats are constructed of the same integrated foaming method introduced in 2013 in the IS F-Sport, and offers unparalleled comfort and support. The centre console and door trim on the other hand have been designed to feature a structured layer of parts sitting upon another, a character typical of Lexus to express coupe elegance. Located at the centre is an analogue clock that, just like a luxury wrist watch, makes a bold statement. It symbolises the Lexus interior and is carefully designed.

The interior of the RC-F however, is different altogether. It utilizes a range of sportiness elegance to create an immediate impression the moment the driver enters the cockpit; it is a unique sports model which includes the meters that are directly descended from the original LFA design.

Both interiors also offer a Mark Levinson sound system with high resolution speakers that provide for a 360 degrees spatial envelopment of sound. New to both interiors is the RTI Touchpad as part of the cockpit ‘operation zone’ in the center console that gives the drivers images and vibration feedback for a more responsive control.

On the engine front, the Lexus RC-350 has a 3.5-litre V6 with eight-speed Sports Program Direct Shift transmission. It offers linear performance and can accelerate to 100 kilometres per hour in 6.3 seconds, reach a top speed of 230 kilometres per hour and maintains fuel efficiency.

While the RC-350 is designed to pamper its occupants in luxury and technology, the RC-F on the other hand is a power house in every sense of the word. The RC-F coupe is the most powerful V8 performance car ever developed by Lexus and offers shocking performance and high speed stability.

The engine of the RC-F on the other hand is the most powerful V8 engine Lexus has ever built. It is 12 per cent more powerful than the IS-F engine, on which it is based, and yet thanks to the advanced Atkinson cycle technology, the engine uses as much fuel as the regular RC when cruising.

Speaking at the launch of the new cars, President of UMW Toyota Motor, Datuk Ismet Suki commented, “The Lexus RC-350 injects emotional appeal into the Lexus DNA that is already synonymous with build quality, refinement and reliability. Simultaneously, it is openly intended to raise the brand’s profile for those who seek a car that stirs the emotions with elegance and yet appreciate a sophisticated design and peerless craftsmanship.”

“The RC-350 is not just business as usual for Lexus, it marks the arrival of a new design language for Lexus sports models. Described as “coolness over utility”, it retains the signature spindle grille but features a clearly more aerodynamic and a sharper profile. The RC-F on the other hand takes it to another level with its muscular stance, active rear wing and carbon fiber components,” said Datuk Ismet Suki.

“The experience continuous beyond being a proud Lexus owner. It is shaped through the years by our luxury quality service that has come to be expected of the Lexus brand. In line with the Lexus network expansion and to fulfill the increasing demand, we will be opening a Lexus outlet in Malacca next month. This will bring the total number to 8 outlets where we will ensure our customers’ demand and satisfaction continues to be fulfilled,” concluded Datuk Ismet.

Order taking for this luxury sports coupe opened on the 5th September and it is priced from RM526, 000 for the RC-350 while the RC-F is priced from RM782,000.

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