Beauchamp Estates

Villa Linear in Tel Aviv.

The world’s wealthiest don’t just count owning one or two luxury homes and a superyacht as a rite of passage — having a decadent holiday house is also a must have.

Cashing in on the perpetual demand from millionaires and billionaires across the globe for luxury homes, London’s super-prime agent Beauchamp Estates teamed up with one Israel’s largest agents, Iltam Real Estate, to make its first move into the Israel property market.

Say hello to one of the Mediterranean’s most expensive and luxurious ultra-prime villas  — Villa Linear in Tel Aviv.

The self-styled “Miami-meets-Tel Aviv” style villa is priced at around £9.3 million ($ 14 million) close to the equivalent of a villa on the other billionaire’s playground, the French Riviera. 

So Business Insider decided to get a sneak peek into the prime property to see what all the fuss is about.

Villa Linear is located in the beachfront district of Herzliya Pituach, part of the Tel Aviv City district.

Herzliya Pituach has a luxury marina, beachfront, restaurants and shopping mall.

Beauchamp Estates, which is making a killing on luxury British properties, teamed up with Israel’s prime agents Iltam Real Estate in order to expand overseas.

Villa Linear is a large 7,450 square foot Miami-style villa over 3 floors set in substantial landscaped gardens.

The modern building was only built in 2014 and has 3 reception rooms, Boffi designer kitchen, 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

The villa is so big, it has a staff studio flat and laundry room for a maid, butler, and gardener.

Naturally, the villa has an infinity pool, which means that the water gives the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape, especially the sea.

This is what that pool, and the rest of the villa, looks like during the day.

Inside, the spaces are very bright, airy, and mostly open plan.

The developers made sure that the lounge area was surrounded by glass and was as open as possible so people could enjoy the view.

The interiors are also minimalist and sleek to in-keep with the modernist building.

All the kitchen appliances are hidden away behind panels to ensure a minimalist living space.

Villa Linear also makes use of every space and even makes sure the hallways are surrounded by light. It even boasts a private cinema, swimming pool, iPad-controlled home entertainment/security system, air conditioning and underfloor heating.

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