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Scene from the movie Margin Call

Jessica Pressler at New York Magazine has a big story about a group of former strippers who are accused of rounding up wealthy men, getting them in clubs, maxing out their credit cards, then collecting a percentage of the total from the clubs.

It’s basically a Netflix show (or movie) waiting to happen. The story is getting passed around today, and it’s well worth reading if you have some free time. 

One small bit that jumped out was this theory from Rosie, the main character of the story. After spending a lot of time around Wall Street guys who went to strip clubs, she thinks she has an explanation about why those men in particular go to strip clubs. 

Here’s her theory: 

“The reason why Wall Street guys party so hard is because they’re not happy with their jobs,” she explained to me. “You make money, but you’re not happy, so you go out and splurge on strip clubs and drinking and drugs, then the money depletes and you have to make it again. The dancers are the same way. You make money, but then you’re depressed, so you end up shopping or going on vacation, and the money depletes, so you go back …”

 It’s an interesting idea, but, obviously it could be true of just about anyone in a job where they’re unhappy. 

Read the full story at NY Mag.

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