In conjunction with Malaysia’s 59th National Day, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) is spreading more positivity and a message of unity by calling for Malaysians to #BukaLaHati. Through the campaign, Digi aims to bring Malaysians together and forge deeper connections among one another in the spirit of understanding and tolerance. Furthermore, Digi will […]

Shutterstock Tens of thousands of people die every year in the US in automobile accidents. But 2015 was especially bad. Last year 35,092 people died in traffic accidents, a 7.2% increase year over year, according to data published recently by the National Highway Traffic Administration. In fact, the percentage spike in traffic deaths last year […]

REUTERS/Keith Bedford KDB/NL Robert Shapiro walks his African spurred tortoise Speedbump on Manhattan’s lower east side in New York August 9, 2005 There’s a new trend in trading: going slow. The Chicago Stock Exchange this week outlined plans to adopt what it calls a Liquidity Taking Access Delay (LATD), a 350-microsecond delay for those who trade against […]

Someone lost their BMW to New York City Tuesday. A BMW X5 fell victim to a sinkhole on the Upper West Side early Tuesday morning. The Drive’s Aaron Brown reports that the sinkhole was caused by a broken pipe that started leaking water at the intersection of West 89th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. May that BMW rest […] A rendering of a car with the roof kit., a start-up born out of Stanford’s artificial intelligence lab, has officially entered the driverless car arms race. But has no interest in building an actual, self-driving car. Rather, as co-founder and president Carol Reiley told Business Insider, the start-up plans to sell “the […]