REUTERS/Phil Noble Paysafe’s subsidiary NETELLER, which was hacked, sponsored Crystal Palace last season. Paysafe, the London-listed payments company formerly known as Optimal Payments, admitted on Monday that 7.8 million customers had their account details hacked between 2009-2010. 3.6 million NETELLER accounts and 4.2 million Skrill accounts, both subsidiaries of Paysafe, were compromised. The Skrill hack […]

Dato’ Seri Dr Yeoh Seong Mok, CEO of Instacom Instacom (to be renamed Vivocom) will morphe into a potential giant construction company, with the asset injection of Neata group. The outstanding order book of RM2 billion (bn) could rise to RM5bn over the next one to two years. Since CRCC’s entry into Malaysia three years […]

Matthew DeBord/Business Insider Everybody’s got the wrong idea about Lamborghinis, and that’s kind of the way Lamborghini likes it. The cars are blazingly over the top, willfully inappropriate, boldly nonconformist. They shout, they scream. They are not designed for people with modest self-esteem. They are the opposite of Volvos. Even for Ferrari owners, they’re a […]

Getty Images Shanghai, China China is beginning to “talk the walk.” That is according to Wei Yao, a strategist at Societe Generale, who published a note on Friday on the country’s need for capacity consolidation.  Capacity consolidation is another way of saying that China needs to cut back on heavy industry, which sucks up resources and capital.  […]

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Sallie Krawcheck, the former president of the Global Wealth and Investment Management division of Bank of America, speaking at the Reuters Wealth Management Summit in New York in 2013. The economy is moving so quickly now that delivering great results doesn’t guarantee a job. Sallie Krawcheck, one of the best-known women on Wall […]

Clive Brunskill / Getty What could possibly go wrong? The Swiss franc fell to a sharp low today after the head of the Swiss National Bank said on November 26 that he was prepared to drive interest rates even further into negative territory. Switzerland already has a -0.75% “overnight” rate for banks that draw from […]

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini Ancient Roman costumed groups of people parade in the ancient areas of Colosseum , Circus Maximus and the Roman Forum to celebrate the festivities of Christmas of Rome, in Rome, Sunday, April 21, 2013. In an interview with international news organisations this week, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte suggested that western European […]

foursquare, Detavio S. The (not-so-festive) red cups have arrived at Starbucks. That means holiday season is already in full swing. That also means that the time-honored tradition of the holiday office party is just around the corner. Office parties are usually a mixed back of unpredictability: tedious, festive, boring, scandalous, embarrassing, or even sometimes fun. […]