Flickr/LeWeb13 Silicon Valley’s biggest startups are raising larger rounds, and banks are making more helping them do it. The way hot new startups raise venture capital is changing. And some traditional VC investors don’t like it one bit.  Late-stage venture investing is now in the words of one West Coast VC “much more like an […]

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images Billionaire investor Warren Buffett On Friday evening, billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the founder of Berkshire Hathaway, disclosed that he had purchased a massive stake in oil refinery Phillips 66 (PSX). Buffett now owns 57,975,456 shares, or a 10% stake, in the Texas-based energy company, according to a securities filing posted shortly after 8pm ET.  As of […]

Reuters Volatility has roiled some banks’ trading positions. The losses keep rolling in for big banks’ trading desks.  Jefferies is taking a hit of nearly $ 100 million on its distressed trading desk, according to Laura J. Keller and Zeke Faux at Bloomberg.  The bankruptcy of one energy company — private equity-backed Samson Resources — caused […] A mysterious Japanese day trader claims to have made $ 34 million on Monday when global markets got hammered, according to Bloomberg.  Jason Clenfield and Yuji Nakamura at Bloomberg said that the trader shared online brokerage statements to support his claims.  The 36-year-old married father of three, who uses the pseudonym “CIS,” became famous after he was profiled by Bloomberg Markets […]

It’s been a crazy week for stock markets around the world and you can practically hear traders in London breathing a sigh of relief as we go into the long weekend.  The FTSE 100 didn’t do much today, just closing up 0.48%, or 30.02 points at 6222.05.  The index has made up all the losses […] is about to go from being a marketplace, to making markets. Overstock has struck a deal to take the online retailer into a new arena: helping hedge funds short stocks.  Overstock’s t0 subsidiary acquired broker-dealer SpeedRoute Technologies on Wednesday August 26, adding crucial stock trading infrastructure to its list of offerings.  OverStock founder and chief executive Patrick […]

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton A hedge fund advised by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the man who popularized the “black swan theory,” made a killing on Monday.  The Wall Street Journal’s Juliet Chung reports that Mark Spitznagel’s Miami-based Universa Investments was up 20% on Monday. The fund netted about $ 1 billion in profits over the course of the week, some realized and others on paper, according […]

Nhaidu via Jalopnik Activist investors are putting cash to work like never before, setting their sights on bigger targets and extracting enormous paydays from companies once thought untouchable.  They’re awash with cash, as investors in search of returns in a low-interest rate environment pump cash in to the strategy. Some of the boldface names of activist investing have […]