REUTERS/Julien Muguet BNP Paribas Chief Executive Jean-Laurent Bonnafe For weeks there have been reports that BNP Paribas, the largest bank in France, would face a massive fine and be barred from trading in dollars for violating U.S. sanctions. Now it’s official, the bank will pay $ 8.8 billion in addition to pleading guilty to sanctions […]

Roletroll Roletroll If the recent layoffs and pay cuts on Wall Street have you worried, a former Wall Streeter’s startup may be able to keep you ahead of the game. Launched in June, Roletroll is a job matching platform that pairs your resume and interests with relevant job openings. Founder and former Wall Street quant […]

The Bank for International Settlements — the Swiss-based financial institution that acts as a counterparty to national central banks — has declared that stock markets are currently in a “euphoric” state and has urged central banks globally to begin tightening interest rate policies now while economies are growing rather than wait for another recession, when […]

KUALA LUMPUR (June 30): The deadline to submit Income Tax Return Form (ITRF) for individuals who have business income for the assessment year 2013, has been extended to July 15. The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) in a statement here today, said the extension, however, was for those who fill out form B, BT, M and […]

(30/06/14 19:40:34) VIENNA (June 30): The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe said on Monday it had scaled back monitoring operations in eastern Ukraine and frozen further deployments after eight of its observers were held hostage for a month. The security and rights watchdog’s deputy chief monitor, Alexander Hug, said all eight – four […]